Wheels Keep On Turning

Just a quick post to remind you that the business is now trading solely from Hebden Bridge Mill on St George's Square in Central Hebden Bridge.

Though originally a water powered corn mill the building was used for cotton spinning from the early 1870's when the chimney was built for a steam engine which provided the extra power needed for the looms. The building became too small for that booming industry in the 1890's and was then  occupied by a trouser, shirt and uniform manufacturer called Greenwood and Pickles for the following sixty years so you can see why it feels a fitting place for me to sell clothes.

The chimney is now disused but I am pleased to say that the building is once again getting green power through the means of a modern turbine and heat transfer pump - so that's in keeping with my brands environmental credentials too. I'm upstairs but if you visit Innovation café on the ground floor you can see the water wheel turning, or next time you're in town look down into the river from the bridge to see the modern Archimedes Screw in action.

The wheels turn and the story continues......


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