It’s Christmas


Hi Everyone, how's it going?

I've been meaning to wish you all a 'Happy Christmas' for a few days now but you've been keeping me so busy in the shop that I haven't had time. Thanks so much for choosing to spend your hard-earned cash at dynamite.

I know people have mixed feelings at this time of year so even if you're not bouncing off the walls with excitement I hope you you are, at least, pulling through.

The things I most enjoy are the lights and the getting together with friends and family at a time of year when it would otherwise be so tempting to just curl up and sleep in the dark. I count my blessings that i live in such a beautiful place and in a town where I am known.

Last year it felt a bit lonely up here on Christmas Eve so I was pleased when I noticed that it falls on a Sunday this year which means I will be in the little shop in town this time. The Cragg vale shop will be closed on Christmas Eve. Don't forget that I can bring things to the mill from Cragg Vale for a last minute pick up if it helps. And maybe I'll see you in the pub or on the square if I don't see you in the shop.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day have had the bad manners to fall on my usual days off so there won't be much change to my opening hours except that I will be doing short hours (12-4) from the 27th to the 30th in the showroom up at Cragg Vale. I will publish the Christmas opening hours on the website and on here for extra clarity.

And if you are curled up in a ball somewhere don't forget that gift vouchers can be arranged over the phone and e-mailed for home printing. Just call me on 01422 884 329 during opening hours.

For those others of you that have the time and the inclination I am up at Cragg vale as usual this week, and until 7p.m tonight (Thursday), where there's still plenty of great quality, useful gift ideas in stock.

To get an idea of what's here take a look at the website: .

Or don't.

Either way I wish you all a very merry Christmas, happiness and health.


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