How Do Ducks Stay Dry?

Animals certainly know how to dress for the outdoors and as well as providing wool for our winter jumpers they have also inspired our waterproofing technologies. When preening their feathers ducks secrete an oil which coats their feathers to keep the wet out and although we don't have the necessary glands to do this ourselves we have certainly stolen their ideas.

Most waterproof clothing, including much of what I sell here is coated with an oily water repellent made from Fleurocarbons but there are more natural ways to keep the water out. Fjallraven have been inspired by more traditional methods and have produced their own Greenland Wax (available in-store) which like the product used in more traditional country-wear brands like Peregrine is made largely from beeswax.

How cool is that.

Thank-you nature.

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