• Catherine


    And here she is again and this time I can see she's wearing a howies merino hoody with a Patagonia nano-puff body-warmer. Catherine is an all-time hero of mine; working to improve the lot of the visually impaired during the day and spending her free time writing letters for Amnesty International - note to self 'put that beer down Kate and DO something" - no wonder Catherine needs to let it all hang out once in a while.

  • Catherine


    This ones so dim i'm not actually sure what she's wearing from my shop but meet Catherine - one of the people who convinced me to give up on city living and join her in the countryside. She now lives in London. Ah well. Great picture Catherine.

  • Ed and Brant

    Ed and Brant

    Peregrine jackets and Hebtroco trousers making the perfect pair. Local heroes to me, Ed and Brant are reviving the local trouser industry but, does anyone know, are they actually together?

  • Anon


    Wax jackets are perfect for Spring and Autumn and peregrine use all the finest British fabrics in theirs yet they cost a fraction of better known brands. Perhaps that is why this contributor looks so happy.

  • Chris


    This is my neighbour Chris and that Peregrine jumper looks to be keeping him snuggly warm while he heats up his dinner. Doesn't food taste better in the great outdoors!

  • Julian


    Here's Julian putting his Patagonia jacket to the test on a daring ice climb. Make sure to ask me about sport-specific jackets as Patagonia cover most outdoor activities and though I may not have it in store I can probably order it in for you, and if you're a loyalty card holder you'll still be entitled to great discounts.

  • Katherine


    Patagonia summer dresses with their no-crease, plenty of movement fabrics are perfect for festivals, keeping you cool, comfortable AND looking glamorous. I only get to dance with her in Hebden Bridge but here's Katherine looking great at Festival No6.

  • Mia


    I don't sell children's clothes but I had to agree with kay when she said her daughter Mia looked a picture in this limited edition Seasalt jacket. And they were certainly glad of it when they got stuck in snow on the journey home!

  • Dave


    There's nothing like a good wool jumper for bringing out the softy in all of us and Dave here is definitely feeling the love in his Peregrine jumper. Photograph taken outside Syhiba in Sowerby bridge. They make a great curry - perhaps that's why Dave's looking so happy.