• Lubna, Naomi and Lisa

    Lubna, Naomi and Lisa

    Smiles all round for these three enjoying a trip to Cornwall and proving the addage that there's no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes. Friends since art college though two of the three are now hard-working teachers. Hats off to the ladies, and hoods up for now. Buy Lubna's ceramic artwork at and Lisa's automata at

  • Claire & Amanda

    Claire & Amanda

    Enjoying the sun outside the showroom and showing off their new Larissa shirts this is Claire and Amanda. Usually it would be Claire taking the pictures as she's a photographer. She specialises in portraits of artists and  writers which is perhaps how she got to know Amanda, a poet and playwright of renown. Smart and funny, like most of my customers, it is always a joy to see either of these two. I shall be forever grateful of their support.

  • Erica


    This is Erica who kindly wrote to me to tell me just how much she's enjoying her Seasalt Skysail waterproof and she certainly looks beautifully windswept in this picture taken up on the moors at Pinhaw near Skipton. Apparently the fresh air was exactly what she needed to put a spring in her step though she always seems pretty upbeat to me.

  • Fredy


    Colombian born Fredy is another fan of the Patagonia Nano-puff range, and though he's now very much a part of the fabric of the local community Fredy still can't quite get used to its climate. When he's not escaping abroad he keeps warm by working hard at the Suma Co-op, getting hot and bothered about social injustice or most visibly by dancing the night away. I've often seen him getting down on a table-top and he always seems to be the last man standing. Well you can take the man out of south America...

  • Daniel and Rosie

    Daniel and Rosie

    This is Daniel and Rosie. Daniel is wearing a Patagonia Fjord Flannel shirt. Rosie is the person I'd like to bury me when I'm gone. Check out her bespoke funeral service @natural endings and whilst we're on the subject Daniel can do the music. I've seen him performing all manner of melancholic masterpieces of his own arrangement and on all sorts of weird and wonderful instruments. They call him Spannerman and you can hear and see his stuff @danielweaver. Photograph by David croft photography - cropping badly done by me.

  • Christine


    Meet Christine, she's the one on the left wearing the pretty Seasalt printed dress. I love to talk to Christine and when we're through with philosophising and struggling to find a silver lining she's the sort of woman who's strong enough to shed a tear and kind enough to give a good hug.

  • Andy


    This is Andy, another great customer who for years I thought I recognised as an actor I'd once worked with. Finally decided to ask him one day. Turns out he's a paramedic. Anyway, here he is making full use of the pit zips on his Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket and pointing rather theatrically at something over there. Are you sure you aren't an actor Andy?

  • Carla


    I don't know where this was taken but Carla certainly looks happy in her boyfriend's Insulated Torrentshell jacket. Another great customer who has supported me from the start and always brightens up the shop with her great attitude to life. Thanks Carla.

  • Michelle


    If you ever need a gentle acupressure massage then Michelle's your woman so go and visit her at The Juju Lounge in Bridge Mill. Living on the tops means her nano-puff jacket is an all-time favourite, they're absolutely brilliant for the British climate and she wears hers so often her boyfriend thinks she may have to be 'cut out of it' when the time comes for her to buy a new one.

  • Deborah


    It gets cold around here in the winter so what better than a Seasalt wrap to keep warm. Deborah certainly looks happy in hers, mind you I'd be hard pushed to think of a time I've ever seen her not smiling. Lovely lady. Thanks for the picture. And all the joy you bring to the world.

  • Ant


    This is Ant enjoying a pint at The Hare and Hounds. As he's one of Hebden's many music makers you will often see him out at club nights and gigs in town. He also has a pretty impressive list of clients as a producer. Hire his production skills at @airtightproductions in Chorlton.

  • Giles


    This is Giles, wearing a Makepiece cap and a howies t-shirt. Computer legend AND all round good guy Giles is a regular customer at dynamite and supporter of all things Hebden Bridge.

  • Hendo


    Meet Kate Hendo (on the right) wearing a classic Peregrine cotton jumper, she's brilliant at poster design and also handstands. The other person in the picture is our other friend Kate, together we make up the three Kates - only I'm not so agile as the other two.

  • Paul


    Don't be fooled. Paul works in the pub business so he's probably taking care of business as well as enjoying a pint. Patagonia are a great brand for Paul as all that beer has made him grow very tall, as the sun does for all those Californians in Patagonia land but they still can't always make a trouser long enough. Have you tried on the Hebtroco trousers Paul? They go to a 37" leg.

  • Catherine


    Hebden Bridge attracts poets and dreamers but most of us have to earn a living too. This is another Catherine, and one of my favourite customers - she works hard to make time to hang with Ned, Neil and Ben, and to blow bubbles, looking great in a Bibico denim dress. One of the many people who try to spend their money locally, I'd like to thank her and all the others for braving the M62, daily train, real world etc so I can earn my living here. She also favours a plastic red staff. And why not.