Supporting The Local Economy

Being a Manchester girl I have always been proud of Manchester's cotton and fashion heritage. Since moving to Hebden bridge I have become interested in the local history of the town as a corduroy and moleskin trouser making centre.

Unfortunately these industries have all but been wiped out so nothing gets me excited quite like the small companies who are bringing back the skills and it is with great pleasure that I now stock clothing that has been made nearby. Not only does it give me unique and distinctive lines to sell but it also, and importantly, massively reduces the carbon footprint of the finished garment.

Unfortunately I am not able to share these with my on-line customers but if you're ever in the area do call in to see collections from Hebtroco and Elgar shirts.

Hebtroco began making moleskin trousers and their range has since expanded top included corduroys, hand-made boots, locally made belts and wool shirts too. See their products at

The image shown is of a raw silk grandad shirt made by the lovely Catherine Elgar of Luddenden. I have moleskin shirts, waistcoats, artist smocks and grandad shirts in from them at the moment and if you're not able to call over then you can see them on-line too at

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