Anyone who tries to be an ethical consumer knows that the phrase is oxymoronic and the way an impossible minefield. Nonetheless, I choose brands that are trying to do something good. See below for an idea of what that means to me.


Use only 100% natural materials like wool and cotton to make quality garments designed to last. They also provide Fair trade clothing and work with two co-operatives that provide women with training, education and work, empowering them to move out of poverty. For more details go to

Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing was set up as a social enterprise to support fair and sustainable practice in the fashion industry. Manufacturers of great basics they have robust social and environmental policies as well as award-winning products. Find out more at


Founded in the Swedish town of Ornskoldsvik in 1960 this great brands mission is to develop timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment whilst acting responsibly towards people, animals and the environment.

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Frieda Sand

A very local affair that could not be more exciting, Hebtroco hope to re-invigorate the once huge trouser business in Hebden Bridge by restyling traditional fabrics like corduroy and moleskin to make luxurious, durable, urban trousers. As above it is wonderful to be a part of the fight to save British fashion heritage as well as supporting an enterprise that could bring jobs and money to my local town.


howies believe a piece of clothing that lasts longer is better for the environment. They make low-impact, high quality clothing using recycled and recyclable fabrics where possible, confidently give information about the factories they use, and actively support environmental campaigns in their home town of Cardigan. See their info pages at


Komodo has been a pioneer brand, promoting the use and development of organic cotton,hemp and other natural fibres since the early 90’s. Equally important to them is the welfare of the people who work in the small factory units that make their clothes. See ‘About Us’ on their website

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M&N is a vegan brand therefore there are no animal products used in production.
The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly sourced in design such as cork and rubber. Various vegan leathers are used in production, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). PU is less harmful for the environment than PVC and they make it a point to use it whenever possible. One of their factories operates by the SA8000 standard and they hope to make this standard a bigger part of our production going forward.

Monkey Genes

‘No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears, No Slave Labour, No Child Labour’ is what it says on their t-shirts and all Monkee Genes are organic cotton too. Check out their ‘Why We Do This’ page at

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Their mission statement says it all, ‘Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.’ From developing recycled fabrics to supporting hundreds of grassroots environmental groups all over the world there is none bigger or better than Patagonia when it comes to being good. Go to for more details.


Using British wool and British factories has got to reduce the carbon footprint of these classic products as they travel from conception to store. Wonderful to be a part of the fight to save British heritage, manufacturing, skills and styles. Go to to learn more about this family business.


Impressive simply for bringing organic cotton into the mainstream Seasalt are also involved with local environmental projects in St Ives as well as promoting and developing locally made goods. They have comprehensive social and environmental policies which you can look at on the ‘Our Standards’ section of their website


Not only a fashion label with a ‘green’ background wunderwerk want to be perceived as a ‘Lovebrand’ working in harmony with the environment. Sweat-shop and animal-cruelty free fashion using quality, natural and sustainable materials. See