Another One Bites The Dust

Those of you who follow Dynamite will know that six months ago I posted a blog stating that I was having serious thoughts about continuing with the business. I asked a lot of questions and got a fantastic response for which I’m very grateful. Thank you. I also said I’d get back to you and let you know my decisions.

It was interesting to see the many different ways people chose to contact me: publicly on the various on-line platforms, in private messages and also, this being a close community, in person too. 

One of the first questions I asked was whether I was still useful and for a few people I know that I am but for most of you I sense that shopping with me is one more thing on the ‘to do’ list. Believe me I am overwhelmed by the support I’ve received but I expect, like me, you are all feeling overwhelmed, in a different way, by the volume of organisations, charities, businesses and individuals asking for help during these turbulent times.

We may be dancing on the edge of time but we still live in an era and place of abundance so providing we are able to recognise the pleasure in simple things and offer what we are able, whether by swopping skills, sharing food, giving our time and money or lending an ear I believe we can pull each other through. Indeed I think that I may be able to make a more useful contribution by employing myself elsewhere. I may even free up some time to volunteer if things come good. Hence my decision.

If you've spoken to me recently you will probably have heard my plans, and if you’ve spoken to those who’ve spoken to me likewise. So no need to read any further.

For those of you I’ve not seen in a while apologies for taking so long to get back to you, there’s been a lot to consider and I am only now coming up with a plan. Quite frankly it’s still pretty sketchy but with the country, and retail, being in such a state of flux I am going to forgive myself that - perhaps I should call it flexible.

Thanks to you, again, sales have been pretty good over Christmas but for all the various reasons I outlined in my original blog it’s become clear that there is no profitable place for my business, in it’s current embodiment, within the marketplace. Speaking to other independents has re-assured me, if that’s the word, that business is tough for all of us at the moment. Perhaps the final straw has been that the brands are all tightening up their credit terms, making it more difficult to order in individual items, survive the quiet months, deliver a good selection and, most importantly, offer the level of service that I would want to offer. 

I did end up ordering for Summer, and the plan is to run the business down from the little shop in Hebden Bridge. I have bought cautiously but it’s still going to be a bit of a squeeze. The idea is to reduce my overheads while the country is enduring chaotic times and means I can continue to offer competitive prices.  At the same time I plan to pursue a couple of employment/investment leads that have come my way, naturally from you lot too, and I hope that by simplifying the business I will have proper time to dedicate to these new opportunities. It is very gratifying to have been approached at all - I had worried that over ten years working alone may have left me too weird to employ.

If anyone would like to see my C.V then please ask. Experienced C.V readers as well as potential employers would be useful. I’m open to all ideas, though I’m not keen on commuting to Manchester or Leeds on the overcrowded crap trains or motorways. Posts in far flung sunnier climes or more progressive lands will, however, be considered.

I have decided not to order for next winter but I am in discussion with a couple of the brands about keeping my accounts open and maybe doing business differently in a way that doesn’t leave my neck so dangerously on the line. Perhaps Dynamite will evolve and survive.

The little shop will be closed for a re-fit sometime in February but otherwise, all being well, the move will take place on my days off allowing for continuous service. Stay up to date by following me on facebook at

Business continues as normal for now. However you are able to give it your support is,  as ever, very much appreciated. I only hope I get the chance to return the favour.

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