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One of things I most often find myself saying to customers as they ponder a purchase, and by way of justification, is that living around here does require an arsenal of clothing to tackle the different, and increasingly extreme, weather conditions. Whilst outdoor brands promote their products with death defying shots of extreme ice climbing and exotic travel I defend the person who wears an expedition parka to get to the supermarket and not just if they live in a rural location but also if they're northern city dwellers bracing themselves against the chill. The coldest place I ever lived was Liverpool where the wind that blew in from the Mersey could cut through your clothing to the bone.

In those days the best I had was my student duffel coat but now I am lucky to own a pretty comprehensive kit of quality clothing. Those of you who are similarly fortunate will, I hope (whether you're snowboarding down Birchcliffe or simply taking the dog to the park), be appreciating the value of your dynamite purchases in this cold weather. I'd love to know what you've been wearing.

Contrary to what people think I can't just take whatever I want from the stock so much of my wardrobe is made up of the things that no-one bought or that were returned: the merino balaclava, thick expedition socks, down parka, luxurious long johns and Norwegian jumper I have on today all made their way to mine after failing to sell; one of the hardest things about buying twelve months ahead is trying to predict the weather and the last few winters have been warm.

But this one's been cold and you'd better believe I'm loving my balaclava now.

And there's still some great cold-weather clothing on the website so don't let me get all the best gear this year. Have a look through the sale at to see if there's anything useful there for you.

I know that prices make these things exclusive for some but now's the time to buy if you don't have much money to spend, and as it's such a quiet time in clothing retail I'm happy to offer an EXTRA 20% OFF the original winter prices for those who contact me direct..

If you see something you like then call up or send me a message and if you live locally don't forget that I can take things to the little shop in Hebden Bridge Mill for a weekend pick up.

And whilst I'm not expecting many visitors I'm open as usual up at Cragg Vale* this week so if you're having a snow day and fancy a walk then why not make me your destination. Get your gear on. I'll make you a hot drink and dry your socks on the radiator if you do.

The landlord has ploughed the snow and gritted the road but if I were you I'd leave the car at home.

It really is beautiful up here.

*though I might sneak off before 7p.m tonight.


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  1. jackhayes1991
    Hi Kate, I'm trying to buy a Patagonia Nano Puff (copper ore) jacket in size S but my paypal account has frozen for two days whilst they 'confirm my address'. Would you mind holding it for me? I also thought I'd be cheeky and ask if you're still doing the extra 20% off from the march blog? I remembered it when I saw you were selling the jacket but I realize that was a while ago. Thanks, keep up the blogs! Jack
    • kate Grant
      Hi Jack, Thanks for your message - I've put the jacket aside. If it helps we can do it over the phone - I'm here Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and on Thursdays from 10-7 - the number is 01422 884329. Either way the jacket will no longer be on the website so let me know when you're ready to pay. I'm afraid I can't afford to do it any cheaper than the sale price but keep an eye on the facebook page for up to date offers. And I'm so behind with the blog thing. Thanks for the nudge. Thanks again. kate

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